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WordPress 2.0.7

Wordpress 2.0.7Yesterday, less than 14 hours ago, I installed WordPress 2.0.6 to my domain Shi.SG and now they have WordPress 2.0.7. I guess I’ll have to upgrade to WordPress 2.0.7. It is uncommon to have a upgrade so soon unless there’s a really urgent need to do so. Right?

I am going to work on WordPress as my preferred blogging platform. There are just too many benefits with WordPress for me to adopt this fantastic blog engine despite the hassle of installing and constant upgrading my website so very often.

And here’s just 2 of The Most Important Benefits…

Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is definitely more flexible for me to to SEO optimization. One of the biggest advantages is that you can use search engine friendly URLs e.g.
which is preferred by the search engine rather than


One of the main reasons why this blog did so well, in terms of Alexa ranking, is because of the trackback feature. You see, when I quoted others’ blog posts, WordPress can automatically create a comment at the post I quoted. And I am getting a lot more visitors to my blog because of these comments.

This is one of the most powerful way to promote your blog. I guess this is also part of social media marketing.

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