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Why Youtube? Methink The Long Tail

Now, I know why people are turning to Youtube.com instead of watching the TV. And it has a lot to do with The Long Tail phenomenon.

Don’t know what is The Long Tail? Then you need to go get the book by Chirs Anderson at Amazon or if you are in Singapore, grab it at Popular Bookstore – it’s 20% off!

The long-tail phenomenon will “re-shape our understanding of what people actually want to watch”…

With Youtube, people can select what to watch and when to enjoy these short movies. And this is what the long tail is all about – virtually unlimited choices.

Youtube is like a huge video library with unlimited racks filled with users contributed video clips from all over the world. These may be home-made or recorded from TV broadcast or professional produced movie trailers.

And I think I’m addicted to Youtube the long tail concept already!

Here’s an example of what I enjoy – although I don’t understand a single word of what they were talking!

Via Random Good Stuff

However, with the really bad not-so-good video quality of Youtube, I am not really looking to be entertained but rather to gather information. I hope the day of dvd quality streaming will not be too far away so that we can really replace the TV and be entertained with HD images and surround sound.

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