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Why No AdSense On Your Blog?

“Hey, you don’t have Adsense in this blog!”

That’s what people asked me when they came to this blog.

Here’s what I told them…

  • The traffic to this blog is really pathetic! I am getting just a fraction of my origin expectation – 1 mil uniques per month
  • Anyway, the people who come here know what AdSense is and will not click at any of the Google Ads.
  • This blog is not Made For AdSense aka MFA.
  • My visitors stay at the site is important to me. I rather you click a link to visit my other pages than make 2 cents from your exit to another web site.
  • I did not create this blog to make Ad Cents

However, for those of you who are looking at writing a blog and make some money with AdSense, go check out the 2 videos below.

Video 1: Joel Comm on “Blogging and Google Adsense”

Why should you view this video? Because Joel Comm is the “Dr AdSense”! And he said you should put Adsense on you blog. (You also said you should not use Yahoo Ad if you want search engine traffic from Google!)

Video 2: How To Optimize AdSense For Your Blog

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