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Why I prefer Blogger

Here’s the reasons why I like Blogger.com:

1. Efficiency
2. Stability
3. Reliability

It is very efficient engine if your blog entries are short and infrequently, 2 or 3 posts a week or less. It’s stability has been tested by millions of users for many years now. If you can rely on Google to be available online every time you need to do a search, you can expect to same with Blogger when you feel like blogging.

Why I have not started using server based script like WordPress, b2evo and other CMS?

I tried WordPress, b2evo, Mambo, Nucleus and etc. Installing them is easy. But when it comes to moving server, you will have to backup and restore the MYSQL database, reinstall the skin and plugins and many other customization. If I do not need to customise, I would not have needed them in the first place – and I’ll be better offer using an easy software like Blogger.

Search Engine Optimization For Your Blog

As for SEO performance, Blogger offers nothing signficant except for the static pages. WordPress is the preferred platform for those who are concerned about SEO blogging and for Internet marketers.

For SEO purposes, you will have to take note how your blog engine generates the URL for your post. URL like this:


will not do as well as, say,


The SEO-friendly URL requires mod-rewrite and is WordPress has this feature.

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