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Viral Blogging with MyBlogLog

I found blogging so much more fun after I started using MyBlogLog. Now, whenever I’m online, I’ll login to find out who’d been to my blogs!

Initially, the motivating factor for me to trade my name and email address is the free tracking service offered by MyBlogLog. And I have no idea how powerful MyBlogLog can help me to grow my readership and traffic with its social networking model.

The traffic to my blog exploded and I have many more readers. I call this phenomenon, viral blogging.

Exponential Growth in Traffic with Viral Blogging

I started my membership on 3rd January, 2007. The traffic to my blog has since grown exponentially – from Alexa ranking 5,000,000 to 228,228(as of Jan 26, 2007). My blog communities have 16 Contacts and 7 Admirers!

Social Networking with MyBlogLog

In less than a month, I am already addicted to MyBlogLog – not for it’s free tracking and statistics services but for it powerful social networking features. I’ve found many blogs in my area of interest: SEO and Search Marketing. I am connecting to people interested in SEO and search marketing, and many bloggers from Singapore.

I think Singapore is becoming the Blogging Nation. My unofficial statistics rank Singapore first in the world for the number of active bloggers per capita.

Visit The MyBlogLog Blog and get to know the great people behind this fantastic service and find out loads of new MyBlogLog features.

[UPDATE Feb 2, 2007] Just discovered that Lee Oden of TopRankBlog.com got an interview with MyBlogLog CEO Scott Rafer.

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