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Using Press Releases to Promote Your Online Marketing Business

Many internet marketers know the power of press release marketing, however, not many internet marketers actually practise it or issue press release often enough to make the marketing effort effective.

I did a search on PRWeb.com and discovered that Internet Marketing Center had been using this form of marketing for some years. From the search results at newspad.prweb.com, the earliest press release was dated 2005.

Here’s some the the press releases which I feel are representative. You will like to model your next press release base on these samples:

  1. Give Readers Solid Value: Internet Marketing Expert Takes a Stand
    Derek Gehl sends a free eBook instead of his scheduled promotion and gets 8,000 downloads in 18 hours plus a 1000% increase in traffic to his blog.
  2. Three New Last-Minute Internet Marketing Strategies…
    Internet Marketing Center CEO Derek Gehl wants online businesses to know they still have opportunities to increase their holiday sales as the busiest shopping season of the year draws to a close.
  3. Derek Gehl’s Team Heads to Florida …
    CEO of The Internet Marketing Center to end national seminar tour December 2nd-3rd in Miami.
  4. Internet Marketing Expert Brings Two-Day Free Seminar…
    CEO of Internet Marketing Center adds limited extra seating for hotly anticipated November 4th-5th Internet marketing seminar in Canada’s largest city.
  5. Strategic Alliances Build Better Web Site ROI, Says Internet Marketing Expert
    Internet marketing expert explains how to build better web site ROI by forging valuable strategic alliances with other businesses to create new streams of income.

The above press releases are excellent content to promote online marketing businesses. In addition, you get backlinks from these press releases and in turn help you to gain higher PageRank and top search engine ranking in Google and Yahoo.

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