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Unlimited Domain Hosting

I didn’t realize ResellersPanel has “upgraded” their Enterprise Plan, until now. I think this is a fantastic offer, with unlimited domain hosting, huge 40,000 MB of storage space and 50GB of data transfer monthly. I am a big fan of multi-domain hosting and, better still unlimited domain hosting.

However, you can hardly find a Singapore web hosting provider offering shared hosting with unlimited domains and 40 GB of web space. Single domain hosting with 100MB space will costs you between S$7 to S$10.

As for the reliability of ResellersPanel servers, I can only say it has been excellent for me.

Disclosure: I have been an affiliate with ResellersPanel for 4 years now, and used the customized reseller’s web page to sell domain and web hosting space.

The domain and web hosting reseller web page residing at their servers has been up 100% of the time for the last 4 years.

You can also register as a web hosting reseller and enjoy huge saving buying hosting and domains for your own use at wholesale price.

If you are looking for new web hosting, I would suggest that you head over to ResellersPanel website and check out their offers.

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