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Top Problem Faced by Content Website Publisher

After about 1 year of publishing content website, I can tell you the top problem I have is getting enough articles – good article to be exact.

I started with writing content articles by myself. It was quite time consuming and honestly I am not a writer. So I started hiring writers at Rentacoder and Elance. It costs somewhere around $5 to $20 per article depending on the length.

Now, I have 2 writers based in Singapore doing articles for me on demand. And I can tell you, this is burning a big hole in my pocket.

Here’s why. I will have to spend hundreds of dollars every month to get enough articles to keep my existing websites “fresh” and also for publising new websites. I can only expect a return on the investment I put in for the articles to come 3 to 6 months later.

However, there may be a cheap and quick fix to my problem. Buying “shared” articles – i.e. you subscribe to those services that give you rebrand rights articles. You will get a number of articles every month. These are not “unique” articles as they are shared by a number of subscribers to the service. However, you can modify the article, you can rewrite them to make them “unique”.

I am going to use such a service to publish content on to blogs. Reason being blog posts get picked up by search engine robots quickly than conventional website. So now I am going to buy some cheap bullets and starting posting 10 articles daily to my blogs!

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