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The Top 10 Questions You Want to Ask about SEO

Daryl Tay | UniqueFrequency.wordpress.comI was approached by Daryl Tay of Unique-Frequency to contribute SEO related articles to his blog. I, being a lazy person person, am not very sure if I can sustain the effort to write regularly for his blog.

So I came up with an idea…

“Why not ask me some questions on SEO and I will try to answer them.”

I think that will be more interesting.

And here’s the 10 SEO Questions Asked by Daryl Tan:

  1. What is SEO and why does it matter?
  2. What do you do in your SEO-related field of work?
  3. How much should the average blogger know about SEO?
  4. How does SEO apply to businesses?
  5. How does Singapore measure in terms of SEO familiarity and utilisation, as compared with the rest of the world?
  6. For most bloggers who may not appear in the first page of a Google search’s results, what basic steps can we take to improve that ranking?
  7. What other factors affect search rankings besides SEO?
  8. What are the ways people abuse SEO, and how do we look out for them?
  9. Google changes it’s search algorithms from time to time, does that mean my previous SEO efforts have gone to waste?
  10. What is the biggest, most common misunderstanding of SEO?

About Daryl Tay

Daryl Tay is currently pursuing his study at the Singapore Management University(SMU) majoring in Marketing and Corporate Communication.

You will get the answers to the above questions very soon, in 2 weeks’ time, at his blog http://uniquefrequency.wordpress.com

Do bookmark his blog now or subscribe to his blog feed.

These are excellent questions targeting at Singapore’s businesses. I am very excited about answering all these 10 SEO questions and see them get published at other people’s blogs.

Do you also have some questions which you always wanted to ask?

Put them in the comment box below and I will look at them.

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  • Terence Yap 28 Apr 2008, 8:03 pm

    Thanks for all your help, sir! The number of visitors to my site have hit the roof! We’ll have to hire more people to handle our inquiries now. Thank you so very much again. God bless you and your team. May heaven reward you for your fantastic instruction.

    Best Wishes,

    Terence Yap

  • Erin R 13 May 2008, 2:38 am

    Hi, i’m a project manager for a large international company. We’ve recently outsourced some of our PR and web design work to a local company. My SEO question is related to their approach of duplicating links on the main page of the site for better optimization. What i mean is not only do the want top level nav, but also, side-level. They also would like to duplicate other key areas of interest, especially buttons that relate to calls to action. So bascially if there is a button link, they’d like to have another text link somewhere on the page to “double the effort”. I need some advice on the technique as it seems like a wasted or non-strategic approach for what is possibly a minimal to non-existent result. Thanks for your time.

  • Tom Koh 7 Jul 2017, 8:05 am

    Excellent questions. There are 200 aspects of SEO that most people fail to realise because Google considers more than 200 factors which is an astounding figure considering that there are 1.5 Trillion webpages in the world and it has to crawl and index many of them. Each factor has their own weight and frequency of update. But the most important to consider are the crawlability of a website, duplicate content, well set up meta data, keyword optimisation, mobile responsiveness, pagespeed, quality and quantity of links.

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