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The Secret to Massive Traffic Generation

Traffic Manuscript ThumbupYes. I bought Kelvin Hui’s Traffic Manuscript. I want to know how he generates 2,500,000 visitors to his website every month. And I think I’ve got the answer.

It’s commonsense. Yes, this is what Kelvin said in his new ebook. Of course, he said more than that. He said you must start small; you have to experiment; you must fail cheaply and recover quickly. So what has all these to do with massive traffic generation.

You see, you’ve got to get this ebook, I cannot tell you everything here — it’s not fair to Kelvin.

The Traffic Manuscript is definitely worth the $97 I paid otherwise I would not be making this post, right?

But then, here’s a problem. The English he used in the ebook is not “proper”. Perhaps, he intentionally used very simple words so that the Japanese audience could understand. The ebook was based on his presentation in Japan to 300 Internet marketers. What the heck! You want to learn massive traffic generate and not public speaking or writing skill. Let’s put it this way, even with such “simple” command of English, he can generate millions of visitors to his site, got Yahoo Inc to partner with him and make millions a year.

The concept that is most valuable to me is the 4 ways to generate traffic:

  1. Direct traffic
  2. Referral traffic
  3. Search engine traffic
  4. Paid traffic

Guess what? He generated the initial 100,000 visitors to his site on day 1 without using SEO. Mind you, he is one of the most powerful SEO expert in Asia.

He used commonsense!

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  • Hong Kong SEO 9 Apr 2007, 4:47 pm

    I know the Japanese or Singapore people are very into SEO and they have some sense about what SEO is in general. The undestanding of SEO is not that general in Hong Kong. It takes sometimes to do the education about this concept.

  • Shi Hengcheong 10 Apr 2007, 8:02 am

    Hi Hong Kong SEO,

    In Singapore, the awareness for the need to SEO is increasing. More businesses are willing to spend money on getting top placement in the organic search listing. However, search marketing is more than just getting a web page ranked in Google and Yahoo.

    There is still plenty of education to be done – both for the end users and SEO practitioners. That’s the reason I decided to go into SEO training instead of providing search marketing services.

  • seo asia 7 Oct 2007, 6:25 pm

    I agree, the hong kong people still need some time to accept this concept. probably they are getting used to pay money in advertising e.g branding and PR activities. They are still don’t know the benefits of seo, and probably they don’t know much about ROI on ppc as well.

  • Shi Hengcheong 7 Oct 2007, 8:20 pm

    I understand that eOneNet is doing some SEO seminars in Hong Kong and I guess the demand for SEO is just beginning to grow in Asia.

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