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Text ad copy for PPC

I first used PPC e.g. Google Adsense more than two years. The two factors to the success of a pay-per-click campaign is the keyword selection and text ad copy i.e. the title and description of the advertisement.

For keyword selection, I used a combination of Wordtracker, Overture’s Keyword Selector Tool, Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool and etc. It is tedious process and could take several days to generate a list of good keywords.

However, the bigger challenge is writing the ad copy. Here’s where creativity is absolutely required to achieve high CTR. I have read some article by Perry Marshall and other PPC gurus but writing creative text ad is not something that can be learned from reading. I believe it has to do with doing – constant practice.

But I do not know where and how to start.

So I turn to the search engines. Just type in your hand-picked keyword and the search engine will come up with some ads together with the search results. By studying these ads, I can have idea for my own ad. This was how I started to see vast imporvement in my CTR!

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