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Shi Heng Cheong

I registered 2 domain names using my name:

These domains are to facilitate my friends and business associates to contact me. The landing page is basically a contact form which will forward the message to my personal email account. Why not just use email? You probably know it’s not really safe to hand out your business email address just like that. My name and email address was used to register some online networking marketing program. And then you get some people who put your email address togather with 30 other addresses in the c.c. list – the ideal fodder for malicious hackers.

Just having a landing page with a contact form is boring so I thought why not start a blog and write about how I go about my every day life. Not that it is colorful, interesting or even juicy but more for venting my frustrations and letting off the steam and more importantly is to practise writing.

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