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SGBlogs88 Famous Singapore Blogs

Famous Singapore BlogsI created this word-cloud site with Kian Ann in early July 2006. It was an experiment to learn how to drive traffic quickly.

So, we thought Singapore blogs is a good niche and we will attract lots of traffic because we know there are plenty of Singapore bloggers – people young and old are blogging or starting to blog. So we started with some famous Singapore blogs such as…

We wrote to some of them and ask for reciprocal links at their blogs but none of them return the favor. What to do… Singaporeans!

Press Release via PRWeb.com

Our biggest marketing effort was the press release on the launch of SGBlogs88.com on PRWeb.com. Kian Ann wrote the press release and I submitted it to PRWeb.com. I thought it was well written and attracted quite a surge in traffic during the first 2 days of the release.

Why We Abandon the Word-Cloud Project

Unfortunately, Google was aware of such word-clouds made popular by www.500words.com and started to filter out these websites when more and more internet marketers created too many such word-clouds by Aug/Sep 2005.

Anyway, we sort of abandon the project and did not further our marketing and promotion. However, SGBlogs88.com does pull into constant traffic due to our initial efforts and we manage to sell several suggested tags.

Revival of Famous Singapore Blog Tags

It seemed that the word-cloud fever had cooled down and maybe it’s time to do something on our little Famous Singapore Blogs experiment. So, over the past 2 days, I revamped the website and give it a “less word-cloud” look. In fact, I think it looks more like a blog.

Now, there is even Flickr badge to spice up the look!

Hopefully, with this new look, we will get more Singapore bloggers to buy a tag at our Famous Singapore Blog Tags site.

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  • Derek 27 Dec 2006, 7:21 am

    Buying tags is like buying advertisements. From an advertiser’s point of view, I cannot see the benefit of getting a link from your website . If Xiaxue started a similar service like your’s, i’m sure she will do 10 times better than you are because for the very fact that her blog has a significant amount of traffic and people are bound to see the tag cloud.

    Just look at how many people have emulated the pixel ads, anyone can start a similar service but how many really succeed and make one million dollars?

    Just my 2.0 cents worth.

  • Shi Hengcheong 29 Dec 2006, 2:22 pm

    Hi Derek,

    I am sure Xiaxue can do MORE than 10 times better. She already has load of TRAFFIC.

    however, we are different. Xiaxue is a celebrity blogger. I am a SEO specialist. Our intentions are different.

    Xiaxue entertians her reader.

    I preach search engine optimization.

    The tag cloud I started is to help Singapore bloggers to become visible on the search engine for their favorite tags and eventually build up traffic to their blogs.

    As for the million pixel concept, it has little or no SEO element.

  • Chris 20 Apr 2009, 5:50 pm

    Xiaxue’s content is mostly for girls

  • Kelli Garner 26 Sep 2009, 8:04 am

    Thats very good to know… thanks

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