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SEO Web Design Course Testimonial on YouTube

I have just uploaded a video testimonial on SEO Web Design Course recorded 2 days ago. This video featured Terence Yap of BPI Technology (S) Pte Ltd who attended the SEO Web Design Course on 6 Oct 2007.

Terence registered a new domain and created a new site, MoldReleaseNanoTechnology.com to test out what he learned at the course. To cut the story short, his new site was ranked in the first page of Google for his targeted keywords within 2 weeks. He was very surprised but overjoyed with the results.

Watch the following video and hear what he has to say…

Or click SEO Web Design Course video testimonial to watch the above testimonial at YourTube.

You can find more testimonials on SEO Web Design Course and SEO Workshop at the new YouTube Channel:


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