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SEO to Target Singapore and Nearby Countries

I have been targeting Singapore-based traffic and also traffic from the region for more than 2 years now. I specifically SEO’ed my websites to target people searching for information, services and products on and from Singapore.

Photo:AP Photo/David Lee - Taiwan quake Internet access chaos

With the recent Taiwan Earthquake and Internet access chaos, the whole region including China Internet access was severely affected.

Virtually, all Internet traffic across the Pacific Ocean between Asia and the US was jammed on December 27, 2006.

However, all my Singapore SEO’ed websites hosted in Singapore still get loads of traffic from Singapore and Australia. My traffic is not affected by the damaged cables. I am convinced that my strategy to focus heavily in Singapore-based traffic is correct.

I guess when we all recover from this information super highway jam, countries in the region will wake up to the fact that we need a better Internet infrastructure to the rest of the world – and at our home ground too. We need our own Google, Yahoo, eBay, Paypal and etc. hosted in this region – the fastest growing region in the world.

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