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SEO Singapore Ranking No.2 and No.3

My homepage, ShiHengCheong.com and this blog is now ranked Number 2 and Number 3 in Google.com.sg for the search terms seo singapore.

This blog had been in the 5th and 6th positions for more than 6 months and I was satisfied with the ranking. So getting to 2nd and 3rd position is really a pleasant surprise for me.

So how come the ranking improved?

I suspect that Google has just tweaked its algorithm, possibly change in the weightage of both on-page and off-page factors that affect the search engine result ranking.

And guess what? I think Google is right! But, those other webmasters whose web sites’ ranking have fallen will not agree with me!

SEO Singapore Ranking

SEO Singapore Is Not Even The Primary Keywords

Frankly, seo singapore is not the primary keywords and not even the secondary keywords, singapore seo specialist is primary keywords and search marketing trainer is the secondary keywords. These are the keywords that I am after for the past 4 to 6 months.

Primary Keywords Ranking in Google: Singapore SEO Specialist

ShiHengCheong.com and ShiHengCheong.com/blog/ are ranked Number 1 and Number 2 respectively in Google.

Singapore SEO Specialist

Secondary Keywords Ranking in Google: Search Marketing Trainer

ShiHengCheong.com and ShiHengCheong.com/blog/ are ranked Number 3 and Number 4 respectively in Google.

Search Marketing Trainer

I am keeping my finger crossed; you never know what Google will do when they tweak their algorithm next.

But I am positive and confident that this blog will remain in the top 10.

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  • SEO Canada 8 Mar 2008, 2:58 am

    Congratulations, Your hanging in for SEO Singapore #6 at Google.com. I’m targeting SEO Canada (any tips?)

  • Shi Hengcheong 8 Mar 2008, 11:38 am

    Hi SEO Canada,

    Thank you for stopping by.

    I have this feeling that SEO is more competitive in Canada than in Singapore judging by the number of results that Google has.

    Here’s what I’ll do if I want to “compete” for the search terms SEO Canada:

    Keyword Research
    I may not want to target “seo canada” initially. I would want to be found by people who are looking for SEO services instead. “What are the search terms my potential customers will use to search for solution to their problem?”

    Internal Linking Structure
    The importance of site architecture or site structure is usually overlooked by most Webmasters. Invest time to organize your site in a logical manner. The home page may be the most important page but not necessarily the most profitable.

    Design Your Site To Earn Trust
    Ultimately, your Web site is to help you to make more money. For your visitor to spend money, they have to trust you.

    Remember, ranking is nothing if you don’t get your most wanted response.

  • Aaron 21 Mar 2010, 11:49 am

    Hi, I am just venturing in the SEO industry but mainly using it to drive traffic to my niche sites. Great to find another SIngaporean who is knowledgeable about these things. How tough was it to rank for SEo Singapore. Did it comes naturally via content or did you work hard to secure the backlinks needed?

    Btw, are you a fan of Griz?

    • admin 22 Mar 2010, 9:11 pm

      Yeah, it’s getting more difficult to rank for seo singapore because those who are in the top 10 are very good in SEO techniques.

      So, you will need lots of good content and good number of relevant links to get ahead of all these SEO experts!

      Btw, who’s Griz?!

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