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SEO Consultants and SEO Specialists

Are you looking for SEO specialists or SEO consultants to help optimize your website for search engine?

The first thing you will probably do is to google for these search terms:SEO services or SEO company, maybe you’re also use SEO specialists and SEO consultants. In fact it is more likely that you use the first 2 search terms.

How do I know?

Because, Google Suggest suggested these search terms when you type in “seo”.

First, you have to make sure whether you are looking for a SEO specialist or a SEO Consultant. So what’s the difference?

SEO Consultants

You look for SEO consultant if you or your company has an existing web design team – in-house or outsourced, it doesn’t really matter. The SEO consultant will some along, study and analyze your website and competitors’ websites, and develop a strategy for your to improve your search engine visibility and search ranking. Usually, she does not do the actual optimization of your website codes and build links for you. Your existing web development team will have to do the actually work.

SEO Specialists

As for a SEO specialist, she will more likely to do most of the tweaking of the codes, internal linking and link building campaign.

When you hire a SEO consultant to improve your website, she may in get her SEO specialists to do the grunt work such as tweak the HTML of your website, re-linking or re-structure the internal linking, and build links for you.

So you will have to make sure what you are paying for: the advice only or the advice plus the grunt work.

Here’s an article to help you Choose A SEO Company to do the search engine optimization for your website.

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