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SEO Blogging Workshop

Finally, we decided to organize and hold regular SEO Blogging Workshop from March 2008. This will be a Blogging for Business workshop.

If you are looking for blogging for money and make a quick buck with splogs then you’ve come to the wrong place.

Blogging For Business

This SEO Blogging Workshop will complement the SEO Web Design Course which we have been conducting since November last year. After several runs of the SEO Web Design Course, we are getting requests to help our participants, mainly business owners, to set up blog to promote their main online business sites.

The primary objective of the SEO Blogging Workshop is:

To install and set up a WordPress blog that is SEO-friendly and to achieve top ranking in search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

We plan to conduct this half-day SEO Blogging Workshop on weekends.

The first SEO Blogging Workshop will be held on Saturday, 22 March 2008. However, this first workshop will be by invitation only.

Our public SEO Blogging Workshop series will start in April 2008.

SEO Blogging Workshop Outline:

  1. The Advantages of Using Blog vs Conventional Static Site
  2. Strategic Applications of Blog to Promote Your Online Business
  3. Blogging Platforms and Blog Engines
  4. Where to Find FREE SEO-Friendly Blog Platform
  5. The Pros and Cons of Using WordPress
  6. Hands-on sessions:

  7. Step-by-step Guide to Installing WordPress in 5 Minutes
  8. Using SEO-Friendly WordPress Themes
  9. Extending WordPress with WordPress Plugins
  10. How to Structure a Successful Blog for Business
  11. The Unbreakable Rules of SEO Copywriting for Blog

Requirements: If you know how to email and use Microsoft Word, then you are OK. Bring along your Wi-fi enabled notebook for the hands-on sessions.

The above 10 topics are what I feel most people will want to learn about blogging with WordPress. However, I may have missed out some very important topics and not answer your most important questions on blogging for business.

Please help me.

What are Your Top 3 Questions On Blogging?

Write your questions in the Comment box below. Thank you.

How To Be Invited
You will be invited if you have attended our SEO Web Design Course or SEO Workshop. Otherwise, send us your Top 3 Questions on Blogging and we will send you an invitation for the 22 March 2008 SEO Blogging Workshop.

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