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SCV MaxOnline vs Singnet Broadband

The good news is I’ve just converted to Singnet Broadband 10 Mbps(mio Plan) and I am happy with the performance after 3 days of testing and 1 call to the Singnet Technical Support (1800-848-6933).

The not-so-good news is SCV MaxOnline upgrade the download speed from 6 Mbps to 8 Mbps for free from 1 Jan 2008. So, I would have gotten faster access if I were to stick with the plan and save some money!

However, it was unfair to compare Singnet 10 Mbps with MaxOnline Express. A better comparison would be between Singnet 10Mbps ($85/month) vs MaxOnline Premium($81.32/month).

SCV MaxOnline Price Plans

In fact, the deciding factor for upgrading to Singnet 10 Mbps was the faster upload speed – 1 Mbps (also the discount offered by the mio Plan). On paper, 1Mbps would be 4 times faster than the 256 kbps which I used previously. I need the faster upload speed because I want to save time publishing to my local web server.

From the speed test results below, you would see that I could work at least 3 times faster.

Singnet 10 Mbps is nearly true to it’s Spec.

I can now upload to my local web server at burst speed exceeding 120 KB/s or 0.96 Mbps and average upload speed of 110 KB/s (0.88 Mbps) for a test-file size 10 meg.

Broadband Speed Test

SCV MaxOnline Express – 6 Mbps / 256 kbps

US Server
Upload: 30.3 KB/s (5:30 min)
Download: 61.5 KB/s (2:28 min)

Singnet Server
Upload: 30.9 KB/s (324.14 sec)
Download: 778.6 KB/s (12.84 sec)

Singnet Broadband – 10 Mbps / 1Mbps

US Server
Upload: 108.0 KB/s (92.58 sec)
Download: 176.6 KB/s (56.63 sec)

Singnet Server
Upload: 109.4 KB/s (91.38 sec)
Download: 1022.4 KB/s (9.78 sec)

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