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Revenue from Singapore related Websites

My effort in creating websites focusing at Singapore related services and products started to generate more Adsense revenue. I have intentionally optimized for Singapore related keywords, that’s what I called Singapore SEO’ed websites.

It was a year ago when I registered the domain SingaporeBusiness.info and started the website.

However, I did not implement Google ads until this month. One of the reasons was that the low traffic. The traffic started to exceed 3,000 pageviews 2 months ago.

Early this month, I revamped the layout and also the structure of the website and saw a 30% jump in traffic compare with same period last month. Also over the last 10 days since I added Google codes, the average CTR exceeds 6%. This is good news but the PPC is quite low, less than $0.05 per click.

The other website which I revamped was originally a one-page website providing information in buying, selling and exporting Singapore used cars. Since it was first launched, it had been one of my more popular website (based on visitors per content page).

In less than six months, Singapore-Used-Cars.com has already exceed the 3,000 pageviews. I have added 6 more content pages and hope to increase the number of visitors by at least 30%. And I intend to add a least one new content page every week from now on.

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