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Predictions for 2007

Predictions 2007I was tagged by Kian Ann to make 6 predictions for 2007. And here’s the list I made at the comment of the his post.

  1. Technorati becomes the search engine of choice.
  2. Microsoft will gain search engine market share while Google declines.
  3. Focus switch to multi-media search instead of textual content search.
  4. Smartphones prices drop with increase in functionalities and battery life. Need to design your web page smaller screen.
  5. HSDPA(High-Speed Downlink Packet Access) becomes the standard while 3G fades out.
  6. A good year to invest in Indonesia and stay low on Thailand.

Technorati and other Vertical Search Engines

Technorati logoMore people will favor vertical search. And searching for blog reviews on the services or products may be the better way to get a third party opinion. After all, if you see many blogs talking good about a service that you are interested, the chances are you will go ahead and try out the service too.

Decline of Google

Google DeclineWith the emergence of more vertical search engines and the popularity of Web 2.0 services, the only direction Google can go is down. Microsoft, on the other hand, will increase search engine market share with Vista and acquisition of more search engine related technology.

Multi-Media Search the Way to Go

Why read paragraph of text when you can view a video or listen to an audio to learn something new. Yes, multi-media is not restricted to entertainment e.g. music and movie clips.

With more bandwidth, we can accelerate our learning process with multi-media and we need to search for good quality multi-media content.

My Next Phone Will Be a Smartphone

Google DeclineIt will become necessary for me to get a smartphone to take pictures, make short movies and upload to Flickr and YouTube, surf the Net, blog on the move, buy music online, do my online banking, pay bills, listen to music, watch movies, store thousands of contacts, and etc.

There will be thousands of hotspots at public areas in Singapore for me to get connected and do all these for free!

HSDPA to Access the Multi-Media Content

Even though there are thousands of free hotspots, the access speed is pretty slow. Power users and road warriors will want their PDA/smartphones to be able to download music instantly and watch video on-demand without frozen frame. HSDPA is the answer to this need for 2007.

Where I Will Invest My Milion Dollars in 2007

I will invest part of the money in Indonesia. The economic boom in Singapore and Malaysia will help to attract more foreign investment into Indonesia. Infra-structure development will lead the economic development in Indonesia. Despite the perceived terrorist threat, tourism will grow if the government can manage the forest fire.

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