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Niche Marketing and Web Site Promotion

Yahoo Small Business is offering great discount on their domain name registration. I took the opportunity and reserved a domain name relating to niche marketing for my web promotion and search marketing service – MyNicheMarketing.com. After 2 days, I visited my new domain just to make sure that it was ready. What I saw gave me an idea.

Yahoo provides free domain parking and I saw “This site is under construction”. This is not exactly pretty but it tells the truth. And there is a list of topics which you can click and go to the respective sponsored listing powered by Overture.

It was this list of topics that caught my attention. These are keywords related to my domain name which consists of the keyword “niche marketing”. Apparently, some smart engineers wrote a software which extracted the meaning from the domain name and established a list of related keywords. This is the hint to how I should be organising the topics of my new Web site. My website content should also have topics like: web site promotion, marketing online, direct marketing, e-mail marketing, market research and so on.

Now, I can tailor my website to exactly how Yahoo would like to see. Logically, Google and MSN should like the same.

It’s a great lesson and it costed me just $2.99! So hurry, register a domain for your niche market and let Yahoo tells you what content to put in your website.

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