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My previous post reported that I was researching on building niche sites. However, after some thought, I believed I got a better idea. Why not build a niche articles directory instead. In that way I can load it up with my own articles on various niches and also get interesting articles already available in popular article diretories such as www.goarticles.com, www.ezinearticles.com, www.articlewarehouse.com and etc.

I know there may be already too many of such article directories and the search engines may take drastic action to filter out duplicated contents. But then again, never try never know. One thing is for sure, I will need to contribute my own original articles to make my niche directory unique.

Also, I will need to spend some money on paid directory listing and PPC ads to get other to submit their niche articles to this directory. So stay tuned and I will report my progess here.

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