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Microblogging with WordPress and Prologue

Microblogging with WordPress and PrologueUsing the Prologue theme with WordPress and you’ll get a Twitter lookalike. WordPress/Prologue combination is really a very powerful microblogging platform.

It is like having a Twitter blog with totally full control, customization plus the advantage of your favorite plugins.

In fact, I have it installed on a WordPress MU site – wassup.myblog.sg.

It has been 4 days since I started playing with microblogging. And I have hacked the WordPress MU and tweaked the Proloque template extensively to get it work the way I want it.

The good thing is I have been making several posts a day at my new Twitter-like microblog. Because the post is generally short, just a few sentences, I tend to write about anything and everything. I think you hear about my ranting more often at my new micro-blog.

Keeping tracking of my learning experience with WordPress MU and customizing WordPress templates is definitely Twitter-worthy. That’s why I have made record number of posts since I started blogging 4 years ago.

If you are interested in WordPress and microblogging, visit wassup.myblog.sg and give me some comments.

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