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Job Opportunities for Online Marketing & SEO Specialists

Online Marketing & SEO JobsIf you were to do a quick research on Google for SEO job opportunities, you would be amazed by the numbers of companies looking for candidates with online marketing skill set which includes SEO, SEM, SMO and SMM.

The hiring of online marketing specialists by large companies and corporations is happening in the USA and the rest of the world.

In Asia, the job market for online marketing expertise will follow similar trend in the USA.

Corporations Going After Online Marketing Specialists

I spoke with a good friend who just returned from a 1-year stint in Hong Kong. He was doing sales and marketing for an international event company based in Hong Kong. According to him – his main market was USA – there is a dearth of marketing executives with online marketing experience in the USA. Marketing people with online marketing skills such as SEO and SEM can command up to 30% increase in salary. I think he is right.

Headhunted by Global Communication Company

Coming back to Asia, particularly Singapore and the region, demand for online marketing expertise for companies is increasing. My friend Larry Lim was headhunted to head the interactive division in one of the leading global communications company in Singapore. Congratulation to Larry!

Expect to be paid top dollar by global companies if you have online marketing skills and experience. Of course, your first step will be to learn what’s SEO and SEM is all about and be really good at online marketing using the search engines.

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