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Internet Marketing and SEO Workshop at SIM

This is probably my final post for the month of July 2005. For the rest of the week, I will be busy preparing for the Internet marketing and SEO Workshop that I am doing at Singapore Institute of Management.

I have set up an e-group for those who are attending the SEO Workshop training this Saturday. As we have only about 6 hours, I decided to get them prepared for the hand-on workshop prior coming to attend.

I intend to help each and every participant to launch One blog and One mini-site. So I will need them to have their content ready and on the day itself, we just use the HTML editor to add in the text, adjust the layout and upload using FTP.

This is what I will be doing for the one-day workshop:

Part 1 – Blogging
1. Use Blogger to blog

2. Submit to blogs directories and search engines to index your blog

3. Search Engine Optimization – Write blog that search engine loves and your friends will read

4. Be so proud of your blog that your friends will ask you to teach them how to blog

5. Use My Yahoo to subcribe to RSS feeds

6. Monitor the traffic to your blog using free software online

7. Put Adsense on your blog to convert traffic to revenue

8. Link your blog to your website to increase traffic

Part 2 – Mini-site
9. Build a mini-site from scratch with free hosting

10. The 8 HTML codes that you must know and use

11. Upload your website using WSFTP

12. Optimize your mini-site for search engines

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