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Internet Marketing in Action – Singapore

About 10 days ago, Jolly started a blog on Internet Marketing Singapore. I helped Jolly to SEO for the keywords internet marketing singapore. Within a week, it was being indexed and ranked by Yahoo search. An amazing feat as far as search engine optimization is concerned, considering that I do not have established powerful website related to the topic of Internet marketing.

Jolly’s Internet Marketing In Action blog is ranked top 10 with keyword – internet marketing in singapore. Yes, this blog is Singapore SEO’ed targeting people interested in Internet marketing in Singapore. The ranking has been fluctuating within the top 10 position and I hope it will hold on to within the top 10.

However, it is common that a website might rank favorable when it was first “discovered” by the Yahoo’s crawler(SLURP ) and then eventually being dropped out of the top rank. So I am keeping my fingers crossed and pray very hard that it will stay.

I am very keen to help people who can persist to write a blog to get discovered by major search engines. I have benefited from using blogs to get many of my websites listed and ranked.

In fact, some of them are getting respectable amount of targeted traffic and is growing. As I always say, “When the Traffic Grows, Money Flows”. It may take time, but it’s worth the wait.

Now, we are waiting for Google and MSN Search to index the Internet Marketing in Action blog.

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