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dot SG Domains: Infopreneur.SG and Tycoon.SG

I was feeling vain and decided to register a couple .SG domains. Just cannot “tahan” that TC registering a hundred of those keyword .SG domains e.g. success, mlm, tea, spirulina and etc. So I also registered 2 fanciful domain names, “infopreneur” and “tycoon”.

There is no real content on both websites yet. And I have not really decided what to do with them. Maybe, I will published some ebooks and put them on infopreneur.sg.

Update Jan 2006
I decided to gave up the infopreneur.sg domain after 1 year and retain tycoon.sg. Over the past year, I have been accumulating more .SG domains and these cost me a big sum of money. Also, .SG domain names do not resale value due to the restrictions placed by SGNIC. I reckon it would be better to save the money and invest in a couple of good .COM domains.

Yes, put all those Eleven Thousands articles there and make that into an archive complete with local search engine. But, I’ll need a programmer to do some scripts for me to automate the process. I am too lazy to edit and upload all the 11,000 articles.

As for Tycoon.sg, I really don’t think I should be talking about about dead tycoons lah! But the problem is I don’t have much information on the live tycoons like our Mr Ng and Mr Oei. So you know any sources or information on these tycoons, please put them in the comments.

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