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How Fast is Google Indexing Your Site?

How about 50,000 pages in less than 4 weeks! Yes, Google indexing is blazingly fast. It indexed more than 50,000 page of it’s competitor – the new Singapore local search engine Rednano.sg – in less than 4 weeks!

On 19 March 2008, I reported at Wassup blog, one day after Rednano.sg was first launched that it had 1 page indexed and I captured the screenshot just 25 minutes after Google crawled the Rednano homepage.

Google indexed rednano.sg screenshot

Google Indexing is Fast

Today, 15 April 2008, less than 4 weeks after Google first indexed Rednano.sg, it has indexed more than 50,000 pages of Rednano.sg.

Google results on Rednano.sg

I have this feeling that Google engineers know more about Rednano.sg than the people at SPH Search.

Now, that we know Google can index a large Web site with ten of thousand of pages very quickly, you must be wondering…

So what did Rednano.sg do to enable fast Google Indexing?

For Google to index the page, it will to know the URL to crawl the page. For a search engine like Rednano.sg, the results will only be displayed when a user enter a query. However, Googlebot does not interact with the query box to get the result pages like a human visitor.

So Rednano.sg has to provide Googlebot the URL (permalink in blog lingo) to its result pages, URLs such as this:


I reckon SPH Search will be happy to have Google indexed all of its directory listing and help to drive traffic to the new directory.

In order to do that, Rednano.sg has this page called Site Feature which provides the URLs to it’s inner pages:


which has a link to


Rednano Site Features

Search Engine Friendly Site Structure

In this way, Googlebot will crawl the following path:

-> www.rednano.sg

-> www.rednano.sg/footer/overview.html

-> www.rednano.sg/sfe/dirhome.action

-> the rest of the directory pages

As you can see, this is a site structure that works pretty well despite the fact that the rest of the pages are more than 2 levels below the homepage. If you want to build a Web site with thousand of pages listed in Google search results, make sure you design the site structure and make it “crawlable” and search engine friendly.

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  • vinay 20 Apr 2008, 3:46 am

    Yes. Google indexing is very fast. Rednano directory is very easily traversable by the bots.

    I recently launched hireme.sg on March 1 and google has indexed every single page in the site. I also noticed that yahoo search also indexed at least 70% of my site.

    MSN search algo is completely useless when it comes to indexing.

    I suspect that rednano search is powered by google, and btw do we really need rednano? What different experience does it offer when compared to google or yahoo?

  • hmm, yes that is very, very fast indeed!

  • Utah SEO 19 Jul 2008, 2:59 am

    I still remember the days when people said to submit your website to the search engines and wait 60 days. Now if you go build a few backlinks on highly visited sites. You site will be indexed with a day.

  • Marshall 20 May 2009, 8:26 pm

    50,000 in that time frame isn’t a lot. According to Google they are fetching almost 10,000 pages per day from our site. Unfortunatly the cyclical nature of our items means they are not kept in Google’s cache for too long so the number of actual pages indexed is well below that.

  • pendrive antivirus 19 Jan 2010, 3:29 pm

    thanks for telling about rednano!

  • pondicherry tmes 1 Feb 2010, 10:20 pm

    thank you very much, its very luck rednano, and yes seo is best and structure is more important for google

  • Massilia bali 21 Apr 2010, 9:28 am

    Thank you for sharing. Install blog in our website is quite helping us to make indexed fast.

  • dr0x 11 May 2010, 9:54 am

    Sadly, I don’t see this as any kind of news. All we are saying here is that you need a well defined site structure in order for googlebot to be able to access the pages on your site. I would sure hope a site of this size http://www.rednano.sg has it together enough build a proper sitemap. As for what Utah SEO said above, its true sites can be index increasingly fast these days with a few strategic moves.

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