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Google Top 10 in 19 minutes

After reading Kian Ann’s amazing feat on getting into Google’s 1st Page in 17 minutes, I started a series of experiments to test if such results are reproducible. Yes. I managed to repeat the results again and again.

So far, the fastest result I obtained was 13 minutes for a 7-terms phrase. My newest test done less than an hour ago with the search terms sph search, got into the 8th position in about 19 minutes.

Ranked 8th in Google for

In fact, the web page was ranked 13th within 11 minutes. I guess it took Google algorithm another several minutes before realizing that the domain has got another page ranked at 7th and promoted the new page to the 8th position.

Ranked 13th in 11 min before promoted to 8th position

Here’s another screen shot of a web page which got into the Google SERPs in 13 minutes:

Indexed and listed in Google SERPs in 13 minutes

In another independent test, Kian Ann made a new post about SITEX 2007. I read about the post about 30 min. after the published the article. I did a search on Google for sitex 2007 and found the article was ranked No. 9. I estimated that it took about 31 minutes for this page to appear in Google’s top 10 results. Here’s the screen shot:

Ranked No. 9 in Google for the keywords sitex 2007

In conclusion, I am very confident that with a blog, one can get a web page into Google index and ranked in the top 3 pages within 30 minutes for a moderately competitive keyword. I am amazed to discover that Google is capable of delivery the latest information almost instantaneously to the marketplace.

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If you’ve experienced such fast indexing and ranking in Google with your web page, please leave your thought in the comment below. Thank you.

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