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Google PageRank Update January 2008

Google PageRankDiscovered that several of the new domains I launched since in Nov/Dec 2007 have increased in PageRank over the past 2 days. So, this time round, Google is pretty prompt in updating the PR ranking.

The last Google PR update was in late Oct 2007 after a long wait of 6 months. During that update, Google penalized many of the sites that sell or buy text links.

As for this first PR update in 2008, I think so far so good – no major “upset”.

As usual, you will see fluctuation in PR rank and SERP ranking over the next 10 days or so. If your website ranking disappeared, just sit tight and wait out these 2 weeks before you doing anything drastic to your site.

I have several of my sites’ PR drop one notch. I guess I have been lazy in adding fresh content and links to these sites. So I have to buck up before the PR ranking diminishes to 1. Or, maybe I am publishing too many sites and spread my resources too thin. Either I outsource some the content and link building jobs or focus on building a couple of bigger sites.

Let’s see what happens next time Google updates the PageRank.

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