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Google Has 10,000 Human Evaluators

It was discussed at WebmasterWorld and reported by Matt Cutts’ Udi Manber interview that Google has 10,000 human evaluators to check the relevancy of their search results.

It was an open secret that Google has been using human evaluators to “clean out” their results since 2-3 years ago. But the revelation of the actual number is surprising. I mean 10,000 people working for Google, full-time or part-time, to check on Google search results is not very believable. I am sure at least 1 out of the 10,000 would have leaked this piece of secret before the VP of Engineering at Google announced publicly.

Well, you can follow the discussion at WebmasterWorld and may even find more interesting news.

Now You Should Really Optimize for Humans

Now that you know there is a better chance of your website being evaluated by Google employees, SEO specialists and SEO consultants must ensure relevance and not rely on black hat tricks to gain top search engine position.

Also, it is important for your website to look professional and visually pleasing. You definitely don’t want to turn your Google evaluator off.

Speaking of this reminds me of a couple of my not so pretty, aggressively optimized web pages that are doing well for the keywords that I targeted. I better go do something about it before it disappear into the cyber wasteland.

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