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Getting Listed in a Reputable Human Edited Directory

As we all know, link building is the most important process of off-page search optimization. And directory submission is one of the fundamentals in building backlinks to your website.

Getting listed in DMOZ and Yahoo! Directory will boost your website search engine ranking dramatically. However, both of the directories mentioned are nearly impossible for online home-based business owners. Here’s why…

Googlebot loves DMOZ because it is a human edited web directory and those who made it to DMOZ are considered as high quality web pages. Also submitting to DMOZ is free. However, it takes ages to be listed in DMOZ – 6 months if you are very lucky. So for small online business owners, this may not be a viable solution to gain search engine visibility.

As for Yahoo! Directory, it’s US$299 for a review of your website – there is no guarantee that your website will be listed. Again, US$299 is a lot of money to most of us. And YC will tell you that you could get 60 content rich pages for that much money and it is probably a more effective ways to drive targeted traffic that will make you some money.

So, we are left with no other option to get a link from a reputable web directory – until now.

The good news is: there is a relative new human edited web directory that will review your website for possible listing at US$39! The web directory is pageranked PR8 by Google. And many of the sub-pages are PR5. I just got my Singapore SEO Services & Web Hosting website listed under the Web Hosting section(PR5). It costed me US$39 and took less than 24 hours to get into PR8 web directory. Yes, less than 24 hours – I submitted at 11p.m. last night and at 8 a.m. this morning, my website was already listed on a PR5 web hosting page!

Now I will just have to wait a few weeks and get a better PR and also SE ranking with GYM.

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