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Finally, I am Blogging on WordPress

Wordpress rocksWordPress ROCKS! I am totally impressed by WordPress. It was a breeze to import my existing own hosted version of Blogger.com blog to WordPress.

I was a Blogger.com fan. You can read about why I like to use Blogger.com at this previous post:Why I Prefer Blogger

Blogger out of beta

I think the main motivator for me to migrate to WordPress is the new Blogger.com! It is now officially that Blogger Beta is out of Beta. I prefer the old Blogger.com where I have more freedom to customized the template. With the new Blogger.com, I cannot use my own template if I publish to my own server.

And I don’t know when Google is going to pull the plug and kill the good old Blogger.com!

More About WordPress Blogging

To migrate the Blogger.com blog to WordPress blog, you will need your own web hosting, install WordPress and use the tools and plugins provided by WordPress to move copy your existing posts from Blogger. However, the template customization is not so simple and easy. As you can see, I am using a modified default template. I have not learned how to really customized the template the way I wanted it – like what I can do with Blogger.com. But, there are many more advance features and advantages in WordPress that make up for the not-yet-so-customized template.

As far as SEO is concerned, I believe WordPress can do better than Blogger.com. Just give me some time and I will find my way around to get my template the way I think how a search engine optimized blog should be designed.

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  • Shi Heng Cheong 15 Jul 2007, 11:03 am

    I do most of my blogging using Wordpress now. Also, I am building websites using Wordpress.

    If you have budget for a domain and web hosting. Select web hosting that comes with Fantastico so that you can easily install and set up Wordpress.

  • prosmom 19 May 2009, 10:47 pm

    Yes, you may be right. Started blogging about 2 weeks on bloggers don’t really understand whats going on with site or traffic maybe I need to switch over to wordpress. If so please let me know.

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