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Don’t Just Submit Any Article

Eyeballs for your articleThere is no point submitting to article directories for the sake of backlinks and PR ranking. The point is Dense Writing Does Not Get Read and published by other webmasters. You’ll need good quality articles for your article marketing campaign.

Even though most articles get through the editors of article directories, they are not worthy of your time and effort to publish on your website. These articles are written by ghost writers and have little knowledge on the topic. Very little research is done for such poor quality articles since each 300-word article costs $5 or less.

For effective article marketing, you’ll need good writing skill and produce well researched articles. You can learn the basics of good copywriting for article marketing but the substance of your article must come from your wealth of knowledge on the topic discussed. Otherwise, you will need to hire an expert to help you with the knowledge accumulation or you’ll need to spend time to research on the topic.

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