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CPT Certified Professional Trainers Program

I will be attending the Phase 2 module of the Certified Professional Trainers Course or CPT this weekend. I was invited by KC See, the master trainer of CPT to give a 1-hour presentation on How to Use the Internet to Promote Your Training Business. And I am still thinking if I should use these subject titles instead…

  • Promote Your Training Business Online in 60 Minutes
  • Exploit the Internet to Kick-Start Your Training Business

Basically, I have to provide enough information during the 1 hour so that all the Certified Professional Trainers course participants will have some good knowledge to start creating an online presence to describe their own expertise and the training or workshop they are offering.

I will show them how I have done it with the Web Design Course and also how other reputable trainers and speakers, such as Ron Kaufman and Seth Godin use the Internet to promote their training business.

There are many free tools and resources available online for professional trainers to a promote and market their courses, workshops and seminars.

Social Media Marketing

One of the most powerful way to market online is through the social networking websites. MySpace.com and LinkedIn.com are just two of the many social networking websites that your can use. Other form of social networking includes forum, which is also a good place to get attention and potential clients for your training business.

Update December 22, 2006
In less than one week, this post is now ranked 13th for the keywords certified professional trainers and 8th for certified professional trainers course in Google. It will be nice if it can be ranked for professional trainer certification course too.

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