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Coolest Baby on the Planet

That is what Andy want to rank top in Google, Yahoo and MSN! He thinks Amelia is the coolest baby on the planet and he even got a domain for her daughter, AmeliaHun.com.

Here’s the screenshot of Andy’s masterpiece.
coolest baby on the planet

It is a simple web page. However, it was created on-stage in front of a live audience – I could imagine the sort of pressure he was experiencing. And if you look at the source HTML codes, you will see that the page is indeed optimized for the desire keywords: coolest, baby, planet. (The search engines usually ignore words such as on, the, it, a, and so on.)

I did a quick research on the Zippy.co.uk – a new SEO Meta Search Engine – to analyze the competition that Andy is up against. The number 1 in Google, Yahoo and Ask is actually about the coolest baby stuff and not the coolest baby on the planet. It is PR4 and Google reported more than 100 backlinks, Yahoo’s 700 backlinks and MSN’s more than 2,800. The website has more than 4,000 pages indexed by Google and more than 6,000 by Yahoo. So it will not be easy to top this website for the keywords coolest, baby and planet with the one page created by Andy at AmeliaHun.com.

So beside more aggressive on-page optimization and build more baby related pages, Andy has to get a lot of backlinks with the keyphrase “coolest baby on the planet”.

Unintended SEO Ranking Results
November 26, 2006
This blog is currently ranked 3rd for the keywords – coolest baby on the planet and number 1 for Singapore’s coolest baby in Google.

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  • Andy Hun 21 Nov 2006, 8:11 pm

    Hi Shi,

    thanks for the tip. I just checked google, currently Ameliahun.com is ranked 6th on my search.

    Looks like I need to put a blog at the page as well and get more backlinks!


  • Shi Heng Cheong 23 Nov 2006, 11:26 am

    And this blog post is ranked #1 for the keywords you wanted “coolest baby on the planet” in Google today. I think you really need to start a blog and add more content to AmeliaHun.com to get even better ranking.

    By the way, I have made another post on your “coolest baby on the planet” website at here.

    So you’ve got one more optimized text link.

  • Andy Hun 29 Nov 2006, 12:01 am

    Great stuff! Thanks! We should get more people to do this stuff in our group!

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