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Cheap VPS Hosting

VPS hosting in Singapore is definitely not cheap when compared to similar US-based plans. From my recent research, Singapore VPS hosting costed at least twice as much as the high-end VPS hosting offered by Servint.net and WiredTree – both of which are highly recommended in WebHostingTalk.com forum.

When I look for VPS hosting, WHM/CPanel is a must because I am used to it and too lazy to learn to use a new hosting control panel.

No Cheap VPS Hosting in Singapore

If you are like me, who have been looking around for cheap VPS hosting in Singapore, you will find that you have to pay S$90 (about US$60) a month for a VPS plan with WHM/CPanel.

As compared with the VPS plan based in the US, the same configuration would probably cost you less than US$30 a month.

Why Look For Cheap VPS Hosting?

But why do you want it cheap.

I wanted VPS hosting because of the root access and ability to customize my own web server applications. Also for the reliability and managed support. I ended up using VS2 VPS Hosting Plan offered by Knownhost after trying testing several other Web hosting services over the past 2 months.

**Knownhost VS2 offers 960MB RAM, 40GB storage, 2,500GB bandwidth. I selected the data center located in California. The monthly cost is $35.

You probably wanted VPS for reliability and stability too. And reliability and stability don’t come cheap.

Higher priced VPS plans are usually more reliable because of less over-selling and better hardware e.g. Dual Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processors, RAID-10/SATA II, Off-site Backup and so on.

However, if you are willing to use a US-based datacenter, you can still look for a bargain at WebHostingTalk’s VPS Hosting Offer Forum.

Why Not Try Data Centers at the West Coast, USA

Make sure you select to host at the data center located in the west coast or California, USA. Knownhost is a good choice for you and your visitors. Your websites will get faster response when access from Singapore and other Asia Pacific region compared to data centers located in other part of the USA.

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  • encikwan 14 Apr 2009, 6:48 pm

    I guess nowadays location of host of a website is less significant for SEO, e.g. it is all right to host your Singapore-based business website on US host as long as you have links from ‘Singapore’ websites.

  • Mike 22 Mar 2012, 11:37 am

    Singapore is both rare and like you said typically not cheap when it comes to VPS’s however there are some deals out there like this one http://cheapvpsdeals.info/wizzvps-9-95-openvz-vps-160mb-in-united-kingdom-new-yorkus-singapore/ which has nice features for being in Singapore and a good price. Hopefully in the future more pop up, but as encikwan mentioned, it’s less relevant for SEO now a days in either case.

  • Phil 27 Jun 2014, 5:07 pm

    Asian servers, specifically Singapore servers, are very expensive. The lowest ms going to Asia from the US comes from around the West Coast, it would be best to get servers around there if you are really considering some budget.

  • sruthi 6 Oct 2015, 3:30 pm


    Regarding VPS server

    Do you provide Linux VPS with XEN or KVM or VMware as Virtualization ?

    Do you provide additional IPv4 and public IPv6 for VPS services?
    We need 2 additional IPv4. Do you provide?

    What is the cost of single additional IPv4?
    Is IPv6 is free of cost or have to pay additionally?

    We need rDNS to IPv6 & IPv4 including additional IPv4. Do you provide?

    Do you offer paypal as payment method ?

    Thank you

  • Malina 19 Feb 2016, 7:24 pm


    Do you provide Linux VPS server?
    Do you provide Public IPv6 and rDNS to IPv6 on your VPS services?
    Do you have different data locations, which provides both IPv4 and public IPv6 and rDNS to IPv6?

    Do you offer paypal?
    Do you offer refund policy?

    Thank you.

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