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Adsense Adlink

I have been using adlink for sometime now. Many people want to know if you can make more money with the original text ad or the newer adlink. I would say that you can make more money by using both ad types.

Where you place adlink is important. Usually, I put it on the left side of the screen near the top and just below the header. This placement let your visitors think that the links are part of your navigation menu and you should get good CTR.

Adsense Adlink

Most publishers rejected the idea to use adlink because they reasoned that you need 2 clicks from your visitors to get paid. However, from my experience, those who clicked at the adlinks would eventually click at one of the paying link and in most cases two or more links. As a result, I get high CTR, higher than 30%.

The other question is whether you get paid more per click.

Well, it depends. So far, I have implemented adlink successfully on one site only. The CPC is double that of standard text ad on the homepage. I think it depends on the context of the page and also how much the CPC advertisers are paying. So if you find your standard text ads are not paying you good CPC, you may want to put up adlink to boost your earning.

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