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A Quick Lesson on Adwords PPC

Google AdwordsAre you planning to promote your web page using Google Adwords PPC?


I have just spotted a common mistake that Singapore advertisers made. Because of this mistake, they are not getting the fullest out of their PPC marketing campaign. In fact, I think they are throwing money into the drain.

Go search at Google using the keyword – massage

Then look for the Sponsored Links. You should see these 2 top ads:

The estimated cost per click is US$1 and estimated volume – clicks per day is between 11 to 17. So the owners of the above websites pay between US$11 to US$17 per day or US$330 to US$520(SGD450 to SGD765) per month to bring in 300 to 400 visitors to each of these websites.

Now that they have the traffic. What are they doing with these visitors?

Go visit the above websites and tell me by looking/reading at the web page, whether you are persuaded to make a phone booking or visit their spa within the next 7 days?

I won’t know your answer now but I can tell you, mine. I don’t think I will call or visit the spa. I can’t even remember the URL or the company name after looking around their websites.

See, the problem is, the website is “designed” so that you have to “look around” to find the information you’re searching for.

As a visitor who clicked at the PPC ad, I would expect immediate the information such as their massage services, what so good about their massage, how much it costs, what’s the number to call and where the spa is.

When you spend mony on PPC to get traffic, you must have a Most Wanted Response(MWR) from your visitors e.g. call to make a booking, provide name and contact information so that you can follow up, immediately buy your service and product online and etc.

In order to achieve your MWR, you will need a landing page customized for your PPC campaign. You want to convince, persuade and motivated your visitor to do something.

For example, the landing page for my PPC goes to http://designerseo.com/workshop/ which is, in fact a form of sales letter. The MWR is to get the visitors to register for the SEO Web Design workshop!

So, before you go out to spend money on Google Adwords, decide what is your most wanted response and build a web page to get and maximize the response that you wanted.

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