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How about 50,000 pages in less than 4 weeks! Yes, Google indexing is blazingly fast. It indexed more than 50,000 page of it’s competitor – the new Singapore local search engine Rednano.sg – in less than 4 weeks!

On 19 March 2008, I reported at Wassup blog, one day after Rednano.sg was first launched that it had 1 page indexed and I captured the screenshot just 25 minutes after Google crawled the Rednano homepage.

Google indexed rednano.sg screenshot

Google Indexing is Fast

Today, 15 April 2008, less than 4 weeks after Google first indexed Rednano.sg, it has indexed more than 50,000 pages of Rednano.sg.

Google results on Rednano.sg

I have this feeling that Google engineers know more about Rednano.sg than the people at SPH Search.

Now, that we know Google can index a large Web site with ten of thousand of pages very quickly, you must be wondering…

So what did Rednano.sg do to enable fast Google Indexing?

For Google to index the page, it will to know the URL to crawl the page. For a search engine like Rednano.sg, the results will only be displayed when a user enter a query. However, Googlebot does not interact with the query box to get the result pages like a human visitor.

So Rednano.sg has to provide Googlebot the URL (permalink in blog lingo) to its result pages, URLs such as this:


I reckon SPH Search will be happy to have Google indexed all of its directory listing and help to drive traffic to the new directory.

In order to do that, Rednano.sg has this page called Site Feature which provides the URLs to it’s inner pages:


which has a link to


Rednano Site Features

Search Engine Friendly Site Structure

In this way, Googlebot will crawl the following path:

-> www.rednano.sg

-> www.rednano.sg/footer/overview.html

-> www.rednano.sg/sfe/dirhome.action

-> the rest of the directory pages

As you can see, this is a site structure that works pretty well despite the fact that the rest of the pages are more than 2 levels below the homepage. If you want to build a Web site with thousand of pages listed in Google search results, make sure you design the site structure and make it “crawlable” and search engine friendly.


Finally, we decided to organize and hold regular SEO Blogging Workshop from March 2008. This will be a Blogging for Business workshop.

If you are looking for blogging for money and make a quick buck with splogs then you’ve come to the wrong place.

Blogging For Business

This SEO Blogging Workshop will complement the SEO Web Design Course which we have been conducting since November last year. After several runs of the SEO Web Design Course, we are getting requests to help our participants, mainly business owners, to set up blog to promote their main online business sites.

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I think creating a digital footprint is important to marketing your business online.

Digital footprints help you to create visibility for yourself or your company and drive traffic to your sites. This is the first step to establish your brand online.

It is easy to create a personal digital footprint. However, there are certain “rules” that you need to be aware of when you are trying to create a digital footprint for your company.

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Microblogging with WordPress and PrologueUsing the Prologue theme with WordPress and you’ll get a Twitter lookalike. WordPress/Prologue combination is really a very powerful microblogging platform.

It is like having a Twitter blog with totally full control, customization plus the advantage of your favorite plugins.

In fact, I have it installed on a WordPress MU site – wassup.myblog.sg.

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Daryl Tay | UniqueFrequency.wordpress.comI was approached by Daryl Tay of Unique-Frequency to contribute SEO related articles to his blog. I, being a lazy person person, am not very sure if I can sustain the effort to write regularly for his blog.

So I came up with an idea…

“Why not ask me some questions on SEO and I will try to answer them.”

I think that will be more interesting.

And here’s the 10 SEO Questions Asked by Daryl Tan:

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I was quite surprise to find a good increase in in traffic to this blog after I posted “MacBook Air or Mac AirBook?” .

People are actually searching for Mac Air Book! I tried a various combination of these search terms at Google and Yahoo, “mac air book” was one of the common suggestion.

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Why SEO?Last week, I spoke with a Web designer from an established Web design and development firm in Singapore to find out why many of these companies have not adopted SEO as part of their offering to their clients.

The Web designer questioned the need for SEO when their clients could pay for sponsored links to get visitors to their sites.

I want to know what other people thinks, so I posted this question to my Linkedin community:

Why bother to SEO when you can pay for sponsored links?

And here’s some of the replies I received.

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Here’s a couple of testimonials I got from participants of my recent SEO training organised by Finggle.

After conducting numerous SEO Workshops and SEO Web Design Courses over the past 2 years, I found that foreigners were more forthcoming in giving testimonials.

And the following one by a Search Marketing Analyst with Fairfax Digital, Sydney, Australia. Watch the video below and find out why he came to Singapore to attend the SEO Workshops…

To view more testimonials, visit www.youtube.com/user/finggle


Steve Jobs did it again and this time, out of an envelope.

Yes, I think the MacBook Air is magic. It has the magic to make me say “I want” when I first laid my eyes on it.

Thinnovation MacBook Air

I received an email newsletter from Apple yesterday and I saw this super thin MacBook Air. I clicked at the photo and was taken to the new MacBook Air – Thinovation.

If you haven’t seen the MacBook Air ad yet, go watch it now below:

And I was wowing away… and then drool. Yeah, pretty disgusting. Well, I mean “Isn’t the MacBook Air disgustingly pretty!?”

Then I realized the whole world is talking about it.

Is it MacBook Air or Mac AirBook?

I was listening to the radio. And the DJs are talking about the world’s thinnest notebook. These DJs from the local radio station(in Singapore) were kind of confused over the name of this latest Apple’s invention – she was calling it Mac AirBook?

So I went googling for Mac AirBook. To may surprise, there are more than 250 entries on “Mac AirBook”.

Here’s a MacBook Air Guided Tour:

By the way, if you are thinking of buying the Mac Airbook in Singapore, you’ll have to pay more. The new Mac Airbook costs S$2988 (>US$2,000) in Singapore whereas price starts at US$1,799 in the US.